Erik Hughes

Freelance JavaScript developer who gets the job done

Expertise: React, Angular, Node.js, CI/CD, Containerization, Usability, and Accessibility

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I am a fast, competent, and hardworking frontend developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm fluent in both Swedish (my mother tongue) and English.

I'm an absolute tech geek. I've been building my own computer rigs and gadgets for myself, for friends and family since childhood. I love entering programming competitions and challenges. I've even won a few prizes! I am fascinated by programming in all its varied forms.

I'm particularly passionate about JavaScript/TypeScript because it's so adaptable and widespread. When it's combined with frameworks like Angular, React, and Node.js, it's becomes such a powerful language for building responsive frontend and scalable backend applications. I'm always reading up about new developments in my field and I'm always keen to "get my hands dirty" with things like Docker and Kubernetes.

As an experienced Tech Lead for some significant development projects over the past few years, I've been able to hone my core people skills. I've always been sociable and outgoing but being a team lead and interacting with customers has helped me understand how important it is to listen carefully to the customer's needs and to encourage those around me.

If you are looking for a problem solver who will listen closely to your needs and work with you to build exciting and effective solutions, give me a call or contact me by mail.

Take a look at some of the work I've done for clients below and check out my LinkedIn profile. If you'd like to see what I'm currently building for the open-source community then take a look at my contributions on GitHub @swiftwork or GitHub @trutoo.

Pinned open source contributions on GitHub

  • ai-dungeon-action

    Play a narrative version of AI Dungeon, a procedural generated adventure game, using Google Actions (Home, Assistant, Nest...)

  • blind-painter

    Can you paint blind? or will you be found out?

  • uikit

    Whitelabled interactive elements following strict code quality and accessibility

  • event-bus

    Typesafe cross-platform pubsub event bus ensuring reliable communication between fragments and micro frontends.

  • rfsniffer-decoder

    Decode raw data dumps from rpi-rfsniffer

  • babylon-file-loader

    Babylon file loader module for webpack forked from @sorka file loader

Region Stockholm

For the client Region Stockholm I led all new frontend development for their services,,,, I made sure that framework choices matched their requirements for accessibility, testability and functionality, while assisting in each project's transition into the cloud and to an agile work process with Jira, CI / CD, Docker, and Kubernetes hosted in Microsoft Azure.


For the startup company MyNameClub, I was consulted to design user-friendly interfaces and develop new exciting features for their new social media platform. The project had a unique challenge of analyzing peoples similarities and differences based on names. I also aided in the development of their on demand personalized e-commerce service. The project's code was written in JavaScript and GoLang without large frameworks.

36 Technology LTD

Hired as a consultant I was contracted to create a web based 360 degree virtual reality player, to tour apartments. Using Marzipano I created an easily adaptable TypeScript based framework which the company could use to display stereoscopic and panoramic 360 degree scenes. API documentation, automatically generated through code comments, was included in the delivery.

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